About Me

Long time photographer. Web designer also. Started with 35MM and occasionally shoot with it today. Now I use Canon SLR Digital and Hi-Def for production. I am a very fair minded type person and realize your time is worth time and my time is very valuable as well. Hence, I usually do paid work. This would include a TFC as well. Which means I throw in the CD. In the end it must be a win win situation for the model and myself. So rates and weather I would only do a Trade for Photos depends on the amount of time and potential of marketing. I take on new models. I like the Retro look out of W. Hollywood, CA right now and am seeking those elusive East Coast models in the Florida area that can produce it. It's not my only work of course. I experiment with new ideas and like models who know how to pose and can make suggestions themselves. Hope I hear from you,