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I am only looking to do ("free") test shoots that will result into tearsheets or if you've got a shoot planned with a great story involving a clothing stylist.
My portfolio at the moment needs some major updating for commerical style shoots or kick-ass fashion stories

Oh and before you ask, I don't have any assisting oppertunities, shadowing jobs or anything like it available.


I have been working as a freelance artist for the last 7 years now. Time flies...
My work style ranges from the very sleek and clean beauty to bordeline wacky concepts. I'm not afraid to use colour and am up for anything. But just so you know, I'm just not really a fan of pictures where the girls' boobies hang out in the breeze

All hairstyling in my portfolio has been done by myself (unless otherwise specified under the image).
The few images that show of henna & body art have also been created by me.

Just so you know, as some photographers have expressed their concern, I don't use MAC foundation. I use Makeup Forever HD foundation at the moment and am so in love with it as it gives results that are beyong amazing


I'm actually Dutch and occasionally go back home to make my mommy happy. Just to make myself useful I like to do shoots while I'm there. So if you are based in Holland, let me know!

Oh and about the friend request stuff, I just accept anyone who sends one, I generally don't pay attention to who I just 'accepted'. But thank you for thinking me worthy enough to be your buddy


05 Aug 09 03:31
super stunning !! WOW ROBIN
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