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Hi All!!! I am kind of new to this whole game, only been doing it a few years and really started pursuing it last year. I am really looking for beautiful people to work with and I can help expand there port and they can help mine. Pay is involved a good majority of the time and I love shooting new people. Hope to talk to you soon.

I also pay for travel or can travel to you... I really am getting in to this thing, and these websites are awesome so if you're interested shoot me a message and lets get together! I work out of Boston and like to travel actively to Florida, California, and Texas. I also go to other places I love seeing the country even parts nobody else wants to see ha ha. So LETS WORK TOGETHER!!! Can you tell I am all pumped up being on here, so I will talk with you soon.


24 Aug 11 07:19
Love U port...Perfect...:) when it is done in Indonesia, I would be happy to work for your model, there are many beautiful places that can be used as shooting objects such as Serang Anyer Beach & Kuta Beach Bali and many others
10 Dec 09 13:51
Your PF is amazing!! I love your job! Regards Ania=*
18 Nov 09 20:22
You're doing some GREAT work.... Great models and photos!!!!
19 Aug 09 15:04
Hey! Thanks for the friend request!! ~Brittney Necole
16 Aug 09 11:57
Great port hun!
10 Aug 09 21:37
i love your port. your work is amazing..
04 Aug 09 17:55
Thanks for the friend invite. Keep up the great work
10 Jul 09 22:59
Welcome to the party, Kevin. Love the way you do glamour. Can't wait to see your updates! Seriously, Nice work.
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