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HI YOU...My name is Mark,I have been in the industry for 15 years.First as and assistant (7.yrs),then as a freelancing photographer in New York and the Cayman Islands.I have work for a major New York department store chain shooting for the catalog. Now it time to work on my portfolio and to network.
You can contact me here or E-mail me at onealphoto68@yahoo.com


01 Aug 11 05:54
nice U port..Perfect...,if u come to jakarta maybe we can work together..:) U can also visit many beautiful places in Indonesia such as Anyer beach, Bali, Lombok & Borobudur as an object of shooting
26 Sep 09 17:20
http://www.exploremodeling.com/Contest/Faceof_ELF_2010/12417/nina_napoletano.aspx if you could vote for me thatd be great! thank you so much
10 Sep 09 19:37
Thank you for the welcome. We are close I am about 45 minutes from Monteclair. Maybe we can work together some time.
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