About Me

Hello there, my name is Xandra Leigh and I'm a model, actress, dancer, singer, artist and makeup artist. I live in NYC but moved from Colorado. I love what I do and take it very seriously. I'm reliable and fun to work with. I have been described as a Tomboy in Stilettos. So don't be surprised if I come up with crazy poses and climb all over the location of the shoot. I take direction well but I'm also very creative on my own.


27 Feb 14 18:36
Female models for a photo shoot. Shoot March 17, 2014. Will cost $150. Hampton Inn & Suites, Poughkeepsie, NY. 10-15 looks. Between 11am – 4pm. contact me at: info@shaereddingrogers.com; subject: Photographer looking for Model.
21 Dec 09 20:11
Awesome port Xandra! If you are interested in contributing to our magazine, feel free to message me: http://www.ModelingINTl.com/issues Mike
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