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About Me

I'm half Japanese and half German. I came to the USA in my youth and decided to stay. I love the California weather but the liberals just kill me. San Diego is where I chill. I want to network and meet friends. I am straight. Other than this I'm not too sure what to share! There are a lot of beautiful models here. Thank to Nana for sharing this site with me. Nana...your the BOMB! I hate the liberals in California. I hope to leave this rat hole attitude and check out the mid-west where People wave at you with all 5 fingers and not just the California one finger salute. I’m into Goth, tattoos, and cotton candy hair…black hair is good too. I’m into honest people. Kink is fun. Vanilla is just to plain for my appetite. I’m a Scorpio born in the year of the Tiger. If you are timid you are not for me. I like people with a craving for lust. I can see it in your eyes so you cannot fake it to me. Either you are…or you wish you could be. I like hiking and camping…and being free in the outdoors. My IQ is 139, so I enjoy intelligent conversation and passionate silence.




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