About Me

I have worked as a Semi-Pro photographer for nearly 5 years and with some success, I have worked with magazines and professionals all over the country.

ReconRag Magazine - Currently still active and has been for 3 years
Miss Edinbrough - 2011
MMA Cage match UK - 2011 ongoing

I take my work very seriously no matter what im doing, Just check my feedback I am 100% professional in any given activity or contract.

Chaparones ? I dont mind them as long as they dont try to take over the shoot or cause a distraction, I would prefer no husbands, boyfriends or mums though.

TF - I do take TF work if i like your look or I see a particular image, Please do not be upset if I choose not to work with you, I am not saying you are no good, just because looking at your port I dont see an image I want to create does not mean another Tog will be the same.

Events: Happy to cover events and this year i have covered a fair few including miss Edinbrough and Cagematch.

Spam: Please do not spam my inbox it's counter productive, If i think i got a message which is generic and has been sent to loads of togs i will delete and block the user.

Ok think thats about it, thankyou for taking the time to look at my port

Latest TF opportunities:

Glamour: being that this is my main area of work i have loads of ideas for this and more props than i know what to do with.

Topless/Nude : have some wonderful ideas i would like to try in this genre, all B&W high contrast.
Contact me for more info

Magazine : I work for an online lads mag and we are always looking for tf models looking to get published.