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Hello everyone, my name is Gil Rivera. I'm a freelance photographer & artist based in New York City. I mainly shoot on location but not limited to it. My art touches on the darker fantasy world. While my photographic subject interests range far and wide. I don’t have a set style. Versatility is one of my strong points. I'll shoot anything from wildlife, Birds, landscape, flowers, still life, and macro and most importantly models. Virtually nothing is off my interest radar. I also enjoy photo manipulation. If you take a look at my Portfolio you'll see that I can get very creative with my photography.

I've been involved in Photography for a few years now, and have worked with Model from New York City to Florida and Hawai’i. I also worked with models from Ireland. I’ve worked with diverse kind of people, I’m very modest and you can judge my abilities through my work. You have a project in mind? Let me know, I have no limits and I'm always willing to make it happen no matter what.

If you want to be a MAXIM model, PLAYBOY model, Perfect 10 Model, etc. Or just want some sexy, beautiful and original photographs of yourself. I can help you achieve that goal. I would take the best possible photos of you and apply the needed Photoshop techniques if required (No one is perfect!).

I Have several Packages to help your modeling needs.

1. Economical Package
2. Basic Package
3. Pro Package

Feel Free to contact for further detail.

I will only pay models if a client has hired me for an assignment. Models that have worked with me before will get first dibs for the pay shoot.

I will only offer TF* shoot for projects that I'm developing or if it would benefit my port. Feel free to contact me about my projects.

If I accept a TFP/CD shoot with you, and you would like to have a MUA. You must provide one or do your own make-up.

I'm also open to collaborate as a team with MUA'S, hairstylist and wardrobe artist as well with other photographers.

Before any session, I require to have a phone call and/or setup a meeting to discuss your project. This is just only to prevent that any possible customer won’t waste my time. In case you live in another state, I would waive the meeting with a phone conference.

Model release form:
Before working with me, please be aware that a model release form must be filled out before the session begins. Failing to fill out this release form will result in cancellation of the photo session. A copy of your ID will be attached to the model release form. So, please bring your state issued ID and/or passport with you.

If by any chance you cannot make it for any reason, please call me, text me or e-mail me within 24 hours.
If you are scheduled to work with me, and you don’t call to cancel the session, and don’t show up, you most likely won’t be considered for any possible re-schedule. I can understand any problem and we can always work towards rescheduling. But again, if you are not serious and you just don’t care, I won’t care either. So please, be responsible and don’t waste your time nor my time. This is very simple, just call in advance to re-schedule the shoot.

Feel free to bring someone else though is not required. Check my reference and see that you will be safe.

If you still feel that you need an escort. Only 1 person will be allow to come with you. "Do Not Show Up With A Mob". I must also insist that your escort do not be a male. No boyfriends, no male cousins, no male managers, no male agent. No males, period!

In case you bring someone, that person must not disturb the session. Any intention of disrupting the session will cause the immediate cancellation of the photo session with no refunds. Also if your escort damages or brake anything. You will be charged for it.

If you are under 18 years old, please be aware to bring an adult (parent/guardian) with a valid state ID.


Gil Rivera

here's some links to my work.


* More than 1 photoshoot.

*Clara C
Naomi Burgos
Frances Urrutia
Marti Belle
Leona Anne
*Alia Tanner
*Jenny Q Do
Kezia Amaris
*Paola Shea Racelis
Carol Cavanagh
Cherry Von Jersey
*Andrea Del Puerto
*Lea Liu
Shelly Simo
Holland Tayloe Gedney
Tsui Yeung
Dani Petraa
*Amy Kate
*Mistress Fire
Madison Rodriguez

*Lisa Medina
*Rachelle Villalona
*Rinna Duarte
*Rosana Ricardo
*Tina Negron
*Everisto Ruiz
Barbara Konchinski
Venessa Contreras
Steve Santiago
*Mily Lopez
*Tanya Orbera


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