About Me

I Love photography,as well as modeling.
and if given a chance to become a model i would certainly take the opportunity. Since I was in grade school i started to love the audience.People watch me sing and dance at the stage it was all me in the center stage! however a part of me says there's something big I always dream about. Being a model is one of my dreams. I always tune up with the latest trend.dress up and buy magazines. Try to portray all those poses that i see in the magazine. I never had any experience before in my life! I only made it through a pageant. Nothing big but hey everything starts with a little experience right?..
I also love to dance so I have a flexible body,when I pose I started to experiment poses to dance pose that i like as well.
I certainly wanted to be tall since that is one of the requirements in becoming a model haha!unfortunately I already am short legged 5'5 in height and hopefully would grow tall..
aside from modeling I also Love to dance, that is one of my hobbies and an everyday exercise.I love to read and sing so I'm very passionate when it comes to writing stories and poetries.
Nothing very special really however I also love to study interesting culture and languages.And I've already tuned up with nihonggo so I can already read and communicate with my japanese friends. I'm pure filipina and I'm proud of it! Everything in Philippines is what i am proud with! Very Talented,Passionate,Humble,Down to earth.
I'm an aspiring model and soon to become one with your help:)
Thanks for those who inspired me!


16 Jun 13 04:49
SEE CASTING http://istudio.com/castingview/6225
03 Mar 10 08:01
Hi Nicca, love your photos, Love Gareth.
12 Jun 09 15:57
wow! haven't gone through istudio in awhile and just stumbled on to you. welcome! and hope we can shoot together sometime =)
17 May 09 02:36
welcome to istudio nicca.
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