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Always willing to work with creative,talented,bold and open-minded individuals based on my available time.. Leave ur inhibitions at the door :) Thanks for stoppin by~ blessings :)


00 Published Art Director, Designer, Visual chemist. :) Ive worked in advertising for the past 6 years w/ Saatchi and Saatchi Los Angeles as an Art Dir. and recently for another studio here in LA ..I basically direct photoshoots and design the piece whether it be tv, print or collateral..always striving for something better..never settling for anything less than what i deserve!..I'm real with mine and hopefully you are too! be true and keep it real is all i ask..Open minded person always looking for something interesting, constantly thinking out the box..transforming, new challenges and definitely no drama! life is too short so u gotta go for yours and follow your dreams...++ Butterflies and Lollipop Dreams™+


10 Aug 09 20:13
love your port... all your work is amazing....
16 May 09 21:05
YAHHHH!!! :) And you can load more pics on here too :) for free :) lol
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