About Me

I’ve been a pro photographer most of my life. I was a candid wedding photographer for a while. I eventually got tired of losing my weekends and watching everybody else party so I switched to landscapes and wildlife but there’s only so many deserts and mountain lions you can look at. It seems like I’m a little burned out. I love taking pictures, but of what?

I never had a studio. All my work is location. Obviously, you can’t do candid weddings in a studio and I never figured out a way to get the Painted Desert or a mountain lion into a studio. Actually, I did figure out how to get a mountain lion into a studio but when I thought about it, it didn’t seem like such a good idea.

So I love taking pictures, I like to think I’m a normal guy and I like looking at naked wimmen so I decided to combine the two. What could be better than taking pictures of naked wimmen? And that’s why I need this site, as a way to contact models.

I will take any job on a paid basis but I will only shoot TFDVD if full frontal is part of the session. I am more than happy to take any photos you feel you need to enhance your portfolio as long as I get the photos I need to enhance mine. Here’s the deal:

TFDVD means I won’t pay for food, gas, phone, lodging or anything else. I'll bend this rule a little if you're someone I really want to work with. I know this sounds a little brutal but I got tired of people asking for $50.00 gas money for a ten mile trip. After all, TF* is TF*. Another point is that a good portfolio can cost as much as five thousand dollars. I can get models to pose for fifty. This means that the odds are already tilted 100-1 in the model’s favor.

There is one exception to this. I will provide transportation. There are three reasons I do this. First, many of the models live in the city and don’t have access to a car to get to the southwest suburbs, usually around Joliet, where I work. Second, many of the locations I use are fairly remote and difficult to find. If you think about it, you’re going to need some privacy if you’re gonna be running around naked. Of course, if we were to do this at the local mall it would solve the lodging problem when you got caught! Third, right now (late winter 09), there have been a lot of assaults on the Chicago Metra. I feel responsible for the people I work with and the last thing I need is to dump someone off at a bus or train and not know if they are going to make it home safely.

I’m a REALLY big fan of natural light. I think it’s very flattering so I rarely pull out my flash. This means I usually shoot at a relatively high ISO that gives a somewhat grainy effect. You either like it or you don’t. This also means I like to start a session around 10 AM to take maximum advantage of natural light.

TFDVD has to benefit both of us or it won’t work. So a typical session with me goes as follows. I encourage the models to bring several costumes. The first outfit she usually poses in is what she wore to the shoot. She gradually disrobes until she’s nude. Then, the next outfit and the process is repeated. I’ve found this is the best way to do the poses. The model starts in outer wear, then we get some lingerie, implied, topless, etc. When the model has finished posing in all her outfits we do the straight nude shots and we’re done. I do require full frontal nudity even if some of the shots are covered or implied. Make no mistake, I’m gonna see you nekkid.

And finally, I always bring my laptop so I can burn you a DVD of the entire session on the spot.