About Me

A fashion photographer from Bangalore who enjoys photographing women and also makes a living out of taking photographs of people. I discovered this passion in my childhood with attempts of using female figures in paintings and artworks.

I started my career in fashion at the age of 23 as a design assistant. My call towards fashion photography came at the age of 24, when I got selected as a Photographer for Fashion TV Asia. Since then there is no turning back, I've been shooting like a shutterbug.

Recently I created Fashion Slave Calendar (www.fashionslavecalendar.com). I'm currently the Creative Director of Fashion Slave (www.fashionslave.co.nr). I'm looking forward to the beautiful expericence what life has to offer me in terms of Art, Beauty, Fashion and Glamor.

Right now I'm working in e-commerce industry as a full time Fashion Photographer specializing in cataloging, product photography and studio development.



Bigfoot Entertainment
Fashion TV Asia Productions
Fashion Slave Calendar