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Effective Jan 2009: All new bookings have a $100- $150 studio fee attached. This is a result of my HOA. This effects anyone in talks to trade for me. If you we were talking about trade, not the people who I have booked from the casting call, at any time in the past you must either have a kick ass space for us to use, or the money to rent one.

Paid work only


This month
Los Angeles, Ca

Please contact me at star@staforeman.com for information on booking me for your project


04 Oct 10 18:28
Wonderful variety of beautiful work!
10 Jan 10 17:35
14 Dec 09 18:41
awesome port!
18 Jul 09 01:31
stunning work! -GG
10 Jun 09 14:45
Beautiful body of work.
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