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I am a studio owner and have been for some time. Photo is all I do as a profession. I am trying to be semi-retired but not having a lot of luck with it. You may take that as good or bad, but for me, I keep happy with it. I wouldn't want any other job.
We do all phases of portrait work including weddings, portaiture, contract, schools, groups, models, etc. We take our customers and clients on a first come basis with the exception of a limited number of accounts that have choice of assigned dates. Income first, fun second.
Aspiring models are welcomed and we do agree to some TF arrangements as well as paid. Contact us if you are a model with these needs.

We have a major rule: Nothing leaves the studio but the best. Our reputation is reflected in our images and our service. Turn around/delivery time is kept to a minimum and the customer still comes first.


With the amount of years in the field, too many to list. We have been consistently published for the last twenty years or so.


23 Aug 09 13:45
Definitely. Just shoot me an e-mail when you are in town. : )
18 Jun 09 22:23
Thanks for the nice tag. Amazing port and photos. Take care and keep in touch. Hope to collaborate with you someday. Big hugs, Marianne- WRS
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