About Me

Thank you for checking out my page. I am always looking to expand the type of photography I do and looking for fun people to work with. I try not to take myself too seriously. I always want to have fun at my shoots but am always professional. I expect every person to work hard to produce good work however it shouldn't be like genuine work.
If we set up a shoot either paid or TFP I expect everyone to show up and work hard to do work that all of us is proud of. On that note I have a zero tolerance for flakes. If you don't show for the shoot just once without a good reason, I am done and you most likely will not get a second chance with me. I have had models not show up for things and it was not only a problem for me but all the other people involved. In the end it made me and everyone else waste a days’ worth of work. This is not except-able for both of us. Both our time is important and shouldn't be wasted. I understand that life happens and things come up.

I'm a photographer looking to gain experience and build my portfolio. I am located in the Las Vegas area, but I can travel if I need to. Photography was a hobby turned profession about 4 years ago Photography is a fun thing for me. I enjoy working with models to help them create the photos they'll enjoy having and showing. I am looking to work with beginners and experienced models alike to enhance both our portfolios. I am always up for new ideas and definitely want to hear yours! I mostly work digital, but I also can do some 35mm shots. Travel time is included in town and out of town trips will be based on a case by case scale by mileage. I have reasonable rates, and am open to haggling (project for project)
I welcome constructive criticism and only ask that if you give me a negative comment please tell me what is wrong and tips to help me prevent the same mistakes I have several ideas I want to explore and experiment with, but I am not opposed to helping others with their visions. Right now I'm trying to add to the portfolio and am willing to do TFP/CD if I feel it will add something new to my work. I also take items in trade that will help me in the studio (clothing, make up, props and the like). The barter system is a great way to go. And I am a big fan of it.
Currently, I have mainly been shooting:

Casual, swimwear, lingerie, implied nude, artistic nude, and Looking to expand more into doing Fashion.

I am seeking to continually expand my portfolio with creative- and artistic-style work. I enjoy working with someone who can be creative and experimental (artistically) with modeling.
My best strength is my personality...I get along with anyone fairly easily and enjoy seeing people laugh and smile. I am a strong believer that laughter is the BEST medicine.

I do on-location shooting in Las Vegas areas and also rent a studio in the area. Check with me about available times and additional information on shooting together.
So I do mainly On-site photography with nature settings or even in people’s homes with portable strobes. I use a professional level Digital camera and will provide CDs of the pictures. I also do Photoshop work on photos to get the desired effects
I am currently looking for models for the following project ideas. If you are interested please feel free to drop me a line...
Body painting
Looking for a model with bright and colorful cos-play outfits.
A fire-dancer for some long exposure photos...yeah yeah it’s been done...I know, but still want to play with it a little.
Some ideas I'd like to explore are gothic, out of place fashion, and pictures with/of classic and import cars. This is not a limitation, however, and if you have other ideas I'd love to hear them as well.
More ideas to come...
Theme I currently have in mind, pls note model will have to provide costume

- Cinderella
- Geisha
- Vintage Pin Up
- Farmer Girl
- Sexy School Teacher
- Rebel School Girl
- Motorbike chick
- Hired Assassin
- Treasure Hunter
- Gothic Angel
- Wedding
- Swimsuit Glamour
- Lingerie
-Rosy the Riveter
-Alternative style modeling
-Gothic & other mixed styles that models like to try out
Constructive feedback welcomed and appreciated.
You can call me anytime at 702-751-2827. If I do not answer leave a message and I will get back with you.

I'm accepting payments through PayPal, credit and Debit.


Wonderful Models I have had the privilege of working with and would recommend:

Christina Winn #1823880

Renata Iwanski #1183985 x2

Ukrainian Beauty #1236161

Daniela Kenzie #193427

KIMAMA #22439

Marissa Renay #1069857

TrIxXy #1600737

Malissa Hendrickson #2102412

Carly Sorenson #1391658

Mariah M #839321

Steph Lee #1736368

Liz Ashley #26159

St Merrique #772043

Artemis Bare #1621682

Rosko Rossy #2097072

CurlenaPotter #2344862


Jessika Schwegler not on MM

Rudy not on MM

Hair by Reesy #1972996

Artemis Bare #1621682