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About Me

San Diego based photographer. I work with models with at all levels of experience. I shoot am happy to shoot TF if we get images in the genres I specialize in. I love to collaborate with a model who wants to make sexy images but not so much when she is just looking for some glamour shots or something to make her feel pretty. When I shoot TF I provide the model with a copy of all of the unedited images in RAW format. I can also provide a limited number of edited pictures. The copies are your property to use anyway you want. They will be free from water marks or logos.

I like to stick to sexy and edgy images with more of an urban feel. I do occasionally pay for nude, erotic and fetish shoots. I like to work with models that like to push their limits and try new things. I work well with new models if they are able to lose their inhibitions and enjoy the moments. This is usually easier if they do not have someone with them that may pass judgement on looks or poses. A photo-shoot should be a fun and when a smile is fake it shows up right away on the pictures.

I always find it interesting when people say they are open minded and up for anything...... wait for it... except for (long list starts here).

I really love it when a model has ideas of her own is good at expressing her vision. The best shoots come from when the model and photographer both share the same vision of what they are trying to accomplish.

I look forward to working with many of you in the future. If I send you a friend request or a tag it does mean I would like to work with you.