About Me

Well i started shooting professionally when i was just 19 years old. My gifts were discovered almost instantly, and even at such a young age I was being hired by some of the world’s most renowned modeling agencies in San Francisco, New York, Mexico City and now Houston, with some of the biggest names.

Today, I have placed my focus on head shots and fashion photography. I shoot with anything no i don't think there's a need for a 6000 dollar camera, when you have talent That's all you need and I like to constantly experiment with new materials, textures and themes for my photographs.

My looks are not only modern and fresh, but they define what is in demand.

I am a consistent choice for prominent agencies, managers, actors and models who demand the best in the business.
I create a distinct mood and current look in every photograph.

And more than just a great photographer, it is my keen ability to make people look their very best that has made me such a huge success.

My relaxed and playful personality puts even the most nervous subjects at ease. I simply have the knack to allow you to be yourself and enjoy the shooting process.

And only when you can achieve that goal you create the perfect photograph.



14 Jan 11 14:51
Thanks for the FR! nice port
07 Jan 11 17:04
Thanks for the FR, Pinha! All the best with what you do. (:
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