About Me

Hey all,

I'm here for networking purposes :)

I'm an event organiser as well as a freelancer/model/talent agent operating in a very diverse field ranging from consumer roadshows to competitive sports to motorsports to corporate functions to fashion shows to stage / concerts to print ads and tvcs. Photography is a natural and some might say inevitable extension of my job - my portfolio includes launches, roadshows, races, parties, concerts, fashion shows, runway shows - a lot of which are behind the scenes, some are during show time - whether for archiving , profile, or reporting purposes.

Dealing with talents and models is part and parcel of my job - it may sound galmorous and all, but you and i both know that behind all that glitz a lot of hard-work have been put into it ;)

i shoot portraits, fashion, lifestyle, events and candids.

i may be contacted at

for shooting assignments,


for other modeling or events related jobs.

khai @ cheekyboy



17 Jan 11 23:51
nice port, hope to work with you someday
05 Jan 11 23:38
Hehehe - I see u here as well!
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