About Me

I am a freelance photographer based in Berkeley, California (previously Minneapolis, Minnesota). I have completed a number of projects and exhibitions (mostly in Minneapolis/St. Paul and San Diego). My interest includes abstract, fashion, nude, portrait, and travel photography. Through these work, I use my images to address issues of interplay between modesty and sexuality as well as cultural differences being an Asian photographer.

Here is my schedule for the next few weeks:

March 15 - 18 - Sonoma, CA
March 29 - April 1 - Las Vegas, NV
April 28 - May 2 - Los Angeles, CA
July 2010 - New York City, NY
July 2010 - Washington, DC
December 2010 - Washington, DC


"Alive!" a special project for The Aliveness Project in Minneapolis.

"Men Like Me" - Group exhibition @ Midsumma Festival - Melbourne, Australia, featuring works from Asian photographers: William Yang (Australia), Michael Shaowansai (Thailand), Koky Saly (Australia), Taguchi Hiroki (Japan), Marcus Mok (Singapore), Tuck Hong (Singapore), Norm Yip (Hong Kong), and Justin Thai (USA).

"I am, I am not" - group exhibition "Modes of Disclosure," curated by Jim Dryden, Howard Oransky, and Dean Otto, at Form & Content Gallery, Minneapolis, MN.

"There is an invisible wall that separates human beings into two worlds; this world and the other world, which is the world of illness. Once diagnosed and identified, an individual slips across to the other side. Information, fear, ignorance, power are translated into the "conventions of concealment" noted by Susan Sontag. Justin Thai's portrait album sets out to challenge our assumptions about what HIV looks like. He taps into the historical power of the photographic medium as documentation, the belief that photographs do not lie. The simple, declarative captions "I Am" or " I'm Not" establish a platform of self-interrogration for the viewer. The strategy works: one can't help trying to guess but there is no way to be right." -- from the Modes of Disclosure brochure.


Media coverage of the exhibition:

http://www.kare11.com/news/news_article … yid=141277

http://minnesota.publicradio.org/displa … 12/01/hiv/


"24 hours/24 lives" - A joint project with Aliveness Project, Minneapolis, MN
"Sexual Fantasies" - From Dreams to Reality!
"Asian Male" - The Beauty of Asian Male through the eyes of an Asian photographer.
"Am I?" - a short multi-media presentation of the recent exhibition in Minneapolis.

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