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*****The quickest way to get hold of me is to email me at matthewchambersphotography@yahoo.com it goes straight to my blackberry and response is usually within minutes! *****

**************I am accepting models and volunteers for the Advocate Art Nude Series, please see my main page for details and requirements, shooting begins January 2011*****************

Please visit my site, I have hundreds of photos there for you to enjoy.........

Since the very beginning I have been self taught, learning the intricacies of shooting with raw experience supplemented with research and reading. Since my beginnings were in Boudoir shots I have always emphasized discretion and confidentiality in my shooting. You won't find tons of galleries of boudoir shots and nudes because most of my clients valued thier privacy and I valued their trust. Since my first shoots I have garnered experience in portraiture, infant and child photography, pets, real estate, automotive, sales, fashion, and of course continued my growth in Boudoir and artful nude photography.

I do not keep a studio, I enjoy the challenges of shooting on location and always have. There is an intimacy to shooting on location that can't be matched in a studio, the couple relaxing around their own home, or the photo taken at the very spot they first kissed can't be recreated with lights, cookies, and backdrops. The pregnant mother who remembers walking this very path as a young girl wanting children who now carries her own is a priceless memory to capture. A studio shows the beauty of woman, the location shows the beauty of the women and connects a memory to it changing beauty into pricelessness.

I have simple rules when shooting. One, I respect my models, their privacy, and their limits, while my limits may be loose I expect mine respected too. Two, models always have shots that they have always wanted to try, let's try them, my experience has shown that the shots are almost always amazingly creative and beautiful. Three, everyone gets credit and if I get paid everyone gets paid, whether it's the model, the photoshop wizard, the MUA, and wardrobe provider, the beauty in creativity is the process and the result, everyone played a role everyone deserves credit. Lastly, I don't care if you bring the entire UT football team as an escort, as long as they respect the shoot, myself and my equipment, and my models. That being said let's get shooting!



14 Jan 11 14:50
Thanks for the FR! VERY nice port :)
30 Dec 10 20:30
Hi, Welcome to iStudio family!!! Great to have you here joining us. Take care and God bless always. Happy new year.... Big hugs, Marianne WRS
30 Dec 10 20:16
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