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"I'm into eyes. They're what I'm drawn to in other people. They're the most vulnerable part of the body, and the strongest, too."
(Brooke Burke, Playboy magazine November 2004)



So what is Image 361?

I am Jason and I am proud to say only ¼ of what makes up Image 361 and its artistic blend of photography and knowledge.
Over the years I have had the great chance to shoot some amazing models. I have been able to see many turn from a camera shy person, to an amazingly wonderful model. To me seeing this change and the self-confidence that modeling can create was worth all the long hours. Along with this I have also met many inspiring and motivating people in the world of art, fashion and health. Image 361 is built on the idea that we are all a work of art and how it is captured is what makes it work. It also encompasses how we treat our self is the key to making great works of art.
Over the next few months Image 361 will be growing to a level that I have been wanting for many years. I look forward to working with many of you in the future.
Please note some work shown here may still have some of my old studio names attached to the image. This is due to the growth I have taken as a Photographer and want to continue to share it with everyone.

A New Model Bit of Advice

This bit of advice was passed on to me so I now pass it on to the New Models.

Modeling can and is a fun job. Yes it is a job with strict hours and expectations. Before you even start the field, take and purchase 3 top magazines, if in those magazines you find just one photo that you COULD NOT see yourself doing then think very hard before you start down the road. It may seem like a lot of money can be made but a lot can also be wasted, you will know your future in that second.

Final Notes
Models come to a shoot with a lot of energy. Too often models show up with a low energy that won’t help the photos. Remember you will only get what you the model put into the shoot. It takes a special bond between the Model and the Photographer both are not magic workers but when they are working as one the results are truly amazing.

2nd Stay off your cell phone during the shoot it'€™s not only tacky but rude!



Congrats to Julia for all the great success you are having at the Hard Rock, Julia can be seen on Real TV "Party at Rehab" every Tuesday night. We all wish you the best and keep up the great work Super J.
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Seeing how don't have a pic of me in my port here is one of me and my lovely wife.

Yes I have a twitter page who doesn't now days? http://twitter.com/image361



10 Jun 10 23:49
nice profile
10 Jun 10 17:07
REALLY nice port
08 Jun 10 18:45
Just stopping by your page to say hi! Please let me know if I can ever be of any assistance with retouching any of your photos.
08 Jun 10 17:01
cool pics! RENE
08 Jun 10 16:27
Hi there, Outstanding work here. Welcome to iStudio family!!! Great to have you here joining us. Take care and God bless always. Stay in touch. Big hugs, Marianne WRS
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