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About Me

Hey there.

Thanx for viewing my profile.

My real name is Wan Zariff but I prefer to be called by my nick Lyzard.
I've been in the photography industry for about 4 years know, and currently pursuing my 1st Degree in Creative Imaging & Photography in Shah Alam, Malaysia.

My career started as sports photographer and most of the coverage is focused on motorsports event. However, in order to broaden my exposure, I started to join group photo outing involves modeling shots, and day by day, the interest getting bloomer and here am I as a part of MM subscriber.

My style of photography is always casual, I would love to interact with models prior shooting, just to get the ice break. Do contact me, maybe we can collaborate & work something out.

*on the side note, MM rocks! truly inspiring shots provided by the photographers & models, good site for reference.