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Hello !!! and welcome all OMP models to my web page here at OnemodelPlace. I am Ken Quinn professional photographer located in Suisun City California. As a OMP photographer member I really like this site as it gives me a chance to work models from various countries. cultures and backgrounds. Its a highly visible web site and even listed in Top Professional Photographer's Bruce Smith Fashion Book. Fashion Photography (A Complete Guide To The Tools and Techniques Of The Trade) as a great source for contacting models. I am a retired USAF military member and former part-time military photographer. I have been a member at OMP for 3 1/2 years and have work with alot of OMP models who are great people to work with. I am highly skilled and I keep my work simple but unique. I enjoy being behind the camera to capture various moods, emotions and expressions of the models I work with. If you know anything about famous photographers, the style of Victoria's Secret photographer Sante D'orazio, and famous Vogue Photographer David Baily styles is what I base my work on. I have a background in psychology (Chicago City College) which helps me work well with people. I attended the Academy of Art College in San Francisco, where I studied modern photography, completed photo courses at Solano College, Napa College. Did editorial photography assignments, and I have traveled to various places around the world shooting photos. No matter what of type of photography work come's my way I am always up for the challenge. I shoot a wide range of media. Medium Format, 35mm film and Digital 35mm format. I have assisted lead photographers in the Philippines , Hong Kong and China. doing both fashion and swimwear photo shoots. I am able to work with a wide range of model age groups and I have good reputation for working with people. Models may contact me at anytime. I assure all models they will enjoy every moment working with me. Professionalism and fun is what I promote. TFP and photo CD's what I offer to all models in exchange for their work with me. If a model has fees please include them in your correspondence to me. Thanks for checking out my OMP web page and if you would like to work with me just give me shout out. BTY I don't Twitter<InvalidTag src=http://></script>