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I am a Tampa, Florida based photographer specializing in fashion, glamour, swimsuit, casual, portrait, and commercial/stock photography. I strive to achieve a fresh and new look while giving my clients the highest quality photographs for your portfolio so if you or someone you know likes my work I would be happy to speak with you about your next photo shoot. Please contact me for availability.

To view more of my work then what is shown here, check out my portfolio in the link above (www.robertlafollette.com)


Rahmatou Tall (1527564)
Courtney Vaughn (556911)
Nicole Jones (1161457)
Andrea Rodriguez (1617091)
Shawna Paige (401181)
Ashley Renea (621739)
Cally Anne (1686414)
Mary Johnson (1614868)
Diana Parra (1463401)
Crystal Marie (4258)
Samantha Hensley (1574413)
Sony Olivea (380066)
Amber Leigh (1399890)
Bella Lovez (1956755)
April Rayne (1150099)
Hollis Ireland (588710)
Audrey Delia (1959795)
Katrina Pereira (2166568)
Mila Lopez (2198308)
Jillian Root (1324598)


22 May 10 21:05
Welcome to IStudio. Please let me know if you're ever in need of any professional photo retouching for your photos.
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