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About Me

I am a photographer who is passionate about memories. I like to take pictures of people to capture them in time.

In terms of fees I’m reasonable, primarily because I do what I like. I don’t work with difficult people and have no preference other than people who love themselves. Photography is not my primary occupation but it is what I spend a considerable amount of time on.

I have been shooting for over 13 years. It started when my daughter was born and I shot 15 rolls of film. That’s when I was hit by the photography bug and have been doing every since.

Finally, I am on here to meet new people and have fun. Just for clarity, I am not on here for anything other than taking shots of beautiful people and networking with others. If you are interested in getting together hit me up.

***UPDATE*** If you are looking to update your portfolio please contact me. I have some great inexpensive plans to get you started!


Styles On Wheelz - 1415920 - April 2010