About Me

Extremely lucky amateur photographer. I have been fortunate to finally have the time and finances to pursue a hobby in photography, to have been able to attend great workshops and shoot great models. But, even better than that, I was lucky enough to find one of the best at what I am interested in shooting in a camera store on the other side of the country. And, he was kind enough to share information and give me the opportunity to sit in and look over his shoulder while he processed amazing images, explaining his every step as he did it. Some people are amazing.
I love photography and want to create art. I enjoy capturing images of everyday life, and capturing the emotions that people show while enjoying that life, but I'm most interested in creating art than can evoke emotion. I may never do it, but I'll still be trying when I die.
If someone thinks I can help them with their portfolio, or has any ideas that they think I can help then fulfill, I'm in. I will contact models occasionally to practice. Since I am learning, I have no problem paying a qualified model to pose. I'm not likely to pay someone that is learning. If you want to learn together, then I'd love to work TFCD with anyone on most any project.