About Me

i'm just a guy that loves photography in all forms.

My goal is to do all types of photography from pin-ups to candids.

I always have a camera around my neck and I always want to take pix so if you wanna get together and make amazing photos let me know!

I really love pin-ups,edgy pics, vintage pics,anything artsy and I'm always looking for models to get started building my pin-up portfolio.

I'm here to make pictures not hit on girls so please bring someone with you so we are both comfortable and ready to create something new and exciting!




08 Jun 10 18:50
Hello, Thank you for the Friend Request and Photo Comment! i love your Images Expecially the wedding shots due to the emotion within the Images! You sure know how to capture the emotion within the individual in your photos well done.
27 May 10 19:00
Welcome to Istudio!
25 May 10 17:28
welcome guy
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