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Delete this profile. I've left the building.


20 Mar 15 13:07
Nice work!
17 Mar 15 04:47
Thank you for stopping by and all the lovely comments!!! Keep up great work. All the best Brenda
06 Mar 15 14:54
Great port! Keep up the good work.
05 Mar 15 16:54
Nice port. Thank you for the generous compliment. :)
04 Mar 15 19:04
Love your amazing work! I plan on it and I hope you do as well. :)
02 Feb 12 20:58
Hello Stranger How have you been? Have thought about you and your wife and how your move has ended up? I hope all is well....
20 Apr 10 11:58
lol, yeah. I have been trying to keep busy. Had a shoot this past sunday. Waiting on the images. I wish I lived a lot closer to everyone. But, alas.. I live in the middle of nowhere.
16 Oct 09 19:02
Heya! Thanks for the kind words! I AM new actually :) Been in the action for about 6 months now. And I LOVE IT!! You've got a great port!! -Azzie
10 Aug 09 21:21
As far as the "pose"... that was all me. The only post production work that photo has is a little lighting and color.
15 Jul 09 23:06
Thank you so much for the pic comment. Its one of my favorite shots. I did the post production work on it.
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