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Models: If you are a creative, positive & energetic person who can bring something to the table, then we can probably create some great pix together. I'm looking for models with swimming and/or dance experience to help build my underwater port. Feel free to email me here and I'll send you more details. *************************************************************************************

When you shoot with me, I will send you a link promptly to Dropbox.com which will put the pics on your computer automatically - no waiting for a cd.
I require a simple, standard model release for all shoots unless you're signed with an agency.
Your comments, suggestions and ideas are welcome and I greatly appreciate your feedback. Thanks for visiting.

-----------------------READ THIS PART TOO------------------------

One last thing, a lot of models tell me they get hit on while shooting - I'm not here to hook-up w/u or to date - and I will not pose NUDE for you - so don't ask. If you want to check me out, please message the models below. Besides, I'm probably older than your father!!
If you feel you need an "escort" present to protect you, we can discuss it prior to shooting. I only want to protect my limited time available to shoot - and yours.
I do welcome MUA's, stylists and legal guardians for minors on any and all shoots.



24 Nov 11 13:43
Great port! I wish I was closer to your location, I would love to do an underwater shooting with you.
28 Oct 11 21:06
Thanks :) can't wait for the next shoot
11 Sep 11 01:35
Lov you work would really like to shoot with you!
09 Sep 11 19:55
Great port. I'm jealous that you are in LA with all those hot models!
17 Aug 11 00:06
Very pretty pictures, you do very well
18 Jul 11 08:18
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