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NOTE: I'm currently hiring models in Toms River, NJ!: http://njfoto.com/blog/?page_id=548

I'm located in Los Angeles, Central NJ and Reno, NV

**Please Note! If I have sent you a Friend Request - I am interested in working with you!**

I will be in the following areas soon and I'm looking for a few shoots! Let's have some unique, fun ideas and book before I put up a travel notice and local ad!:

Current Travel Schedule:

I'm currently splitting my time between New Jersey and Los Angeles.
I will be in Naples, Italy all of August

SEPTEMBER - I'll be in Reno, NV several times! Hit me up Reno!

More travel dates listed soon! Remember, I'm at my central NJ warehouse studio in between my travel dates and I can be contacted to shoot in the studio or on location while in NJ.


About me:

I'm in the Automotive and Television industries, NO - won't get you a car and NO - I won't get you on TV. I'm a photographer from Toms River, NJ - I am classically trained in film and darkroom work, but I have switched over to digital few years ago. I shoot many styles including commercial, but I have been moving towards a more "in your face" style over the last few months.

I do some TF, for the right model - but because I travel extensively I am not always available for TF.

I don't have many rules of engagement other than asking that you respect my time. I respect all of my models, and I have a high tolerance for quirks. Please be up front about what you expect. If you are going to be late, please let me know.

Escorts - Up until this past May (2013), I was very cool with having an escort at shoots. This past May I caught a boyfriend/escort stealing Automotive parts from my warehouse during a shoot and had to get the police involved. Yes, caught on security cam. For the time being I have to take a pass on shoots with escorts involved.

****Last but not least! I spend an average of 200 days per year traveling - I'm paid to travel and be at various events throughout the country and I don't always have access to a studio. If I'm in your town and ask you to shoot at a Hotel, please don't take offense! I'm platinum with most major hotels and always have upgrades to the best rooms to shoot in. ****



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Nice Port....Perfect..someday we can work together...:)
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