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About Me

Hello and thank you for taking the time to look at my port I am a photographer based in Fontana CA. About me

To simply put it, I primarily shoot glamour Swim where, lingerie and artistic to erotic nude's. All nudity is done within the comfort levels of the model.

If you contact me for a shoot out of the blue because you "like my style" I will assume it's a nude shoot unless you say otherwise.

If I contact you I will NOT ask you to pay me. Duh!

If we work together on Trade, you will receive a DVD promptly upon completion of the shoot. Mutual collaboration goes hand in hand with mutual respect.

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I shoot everything up to erotic style nudity.
please contact me to discuss ideas.

"The nakedness of woman is the work of God." ~ William Blake"


Friend request introduce your self first random friend request will be ignored let me know why you want to be friends (EX you like my work, your interested in working with me something so we can be true friends not this strangers passing in cyberspace)

Very Selective TF*

Most all my work I have done is done TFCD although I do some time have the funds to pay model's I am not made of Money.I have no problem traveling to you if you have a location in mind to work at. I love shooting outdoors using natural light. So if your looking to add something fun and sexy to your portfolio lets talk.

Looking for model who are thinking about starting or have there own Pay Sites and need a photographer to shoot content. I will work with in your budget so lets talk.

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Worked with : *=number of times worked with "? date not set"
miss revenge 780192 * * * *
Kayla Jane 857459 * * * * * * *
Crash 604197 * *
Demonika Devour 1056242 * *
Ashley Anne Marie 678967 * *
Martin Warren 24179 *
Olivia Dae 841553 * * *
Passion Rayne 1070822 *
Cadence St John 173380 * * * *
Dae Daniels 233266 *
Jessika Dorian 725970 *
Dakota Rose 519 622853 *
Torrid 713944 * *
Cheryl aka Black Velvet 668457 * * *

Jeska L Vardinski 14883* * * * * *
Divinora 4601**
Lily Cade 797841 *
Akara 409069*
Maiwan 798394 *
Amanda Pearl 144601 **
GJones 589000 *
Mosh 219654 * *
Jody Kovac 371022 * *
Penelope Grace 603360 *
LovexoxoMonica 365613 *
CALI-LUV 19545* *
Lindsey Sheldon 553902 * * *
Straps 401614 * *
Orrore Girl 526249 *
pyrex puppet 534422 *
missy Vinyl 338703 *

Make-up by Francisca 509151 ***
Eva Woodby LA 21894 ****
Ashley Joy Beck 797545 *

Hair Stylist
Jason Becker 640834 *****

Photographer the list is way to long I have held several Group Shoot so lets just say I have worked with alot of them in SOCal.

"WINNER" to be published in:
"The World's Greatest Erotic Art of Today" Volume II


Sara J Quinn WROTE

"Bryan is one of the most professional, yet fun photographers I have worked with. Having Bryan be the first photographer I had worked with, made it SO worth while. He is patient for new models and is willing to help when you can't think of anything else to do. Out of all of the shoots I have done with different photographers, Bryan's photo shoots are the most memorable."

~*Sara J Quinn*~
Model Mayhem #: 448712

Cali-Luv Wrote

Bryan you are an awesome photographer and person you always strive for that last great photo id reccomend you to any model...cali-luv

Model Mayhem # 19545

Lindsy wrote:
First I really do want to thank you for helping me with my first shoot. It was so much fun working with you and I didn't feel
uncomfortable at all!!! Thank you for not pushing me to do anything I didn't want to do. I can not wait to shoot with you again, you truly made this a wonderful fun experience and yea, I don't think I thanked you enough.

Model Mayhem #553902

LovexoxoMonica wrote:

thanks for taking my picture today Bryan. I love your professionalism and it won't be an experience I'll soon forget.

MM # 365613