About Me

I was born and raised in Toronto and have been happy to work with some wonderful people here. I look forward to meeting and working with as many talented people on MM.

Please send me a message if you want to collaborate on a shoot. I am open to TFCD shoots, but will take preference to paid work.

What is Lubin like?
I'm here for business not socializing, so I expect professionalism from those I work with. That being said, I am easy going and a genuinely nice guy.

I prefer to work with experienced models as I don't mentor or teach models how to pose and succeed in the business, etc, that is your job as the model. Just like I don't tell MUAs how to apply makeup. So I hope you come to the shoot ready to go so we can make some magic.

Where can we shoot?
We can shoot in studio (additional charges apply - I have a studio that I rent with a few other photographers at 20 Leslie Street, Unit 211, so booking is by appointment only and times are booked when a deposit covering the studio time is received (paypal, email money transfer, etc). Or we can shoot on location (outdoors or in the comfort and privacy of your own space or other indoor space).

I shoot with a Canon DLSR and Alien Bees studio equipment.

What are the rates?
They are listed on [a href="http://www.lubintasevski.com"]www.lubintasevski.com [/a]. However do not feel afraid to ask if I am willing to shoot TF as long as the shoot will be equally beneficial to all parties and costs are shared.




13 Aug 14 11:39
Beautiful work!
16 Feb 11 23:36
Thankyou very much for your FR, MandyXXXXXXXXXXX
30 Dec 10 12:35
Have a Safe and Happy New Year !
04 Nov 10 12:09
Love your photos Im going to add you to facebook
01 Sep 10 21:23
Ur to sweet!! Thanks so much Gorgeous :) Alan GlamModelz Magazine
31 Aug 10 03:54
hope all is well, please vote for me in the bikini contest at http://www.lookswimwear.com/contest/index.php?c=contestant&contestant_id=524&round_id=68 thanks for ur support, please pass this on thanks.
19 Aug 10 17:45
thanks for the pic comment, on no way out. mia vaughn
19 Aug 10 15:16
thanks... I really appreciate it!
18 Aug 10 07:48
Noticeable work!!!
16 Jul 10 07:41
Thank you very much! you to have a beautiful work here
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