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About Me

The Red Wheelbarrow

so much depends

a red wheel

glazed with rain

beside the white
chickens. William Carlos Williams

Yes, the old guy in the photograph is me. It seems less than fair to ask models to show me what they look like and not be willing to do the same. And since I have been asked, I am happily married.

I do fine-art nudes and portraiture. You can see my portrait work at

I prefer to work with models who have training in dance of any kind but since I find that I am also a choreographer of a sort, I give a lot of direction and have worked with models with multiple types of experience. Please look at my work and my statement. I love doing portraiture and I always do portraits of the model for them when we are doing a fine-art nude session.

I will give you web ready finished files of 4 of your images from the portrait work if you agree not to print them. I am happy to give you all of the “out-takes” from the dressed photographs if you agree not to edit or print them. I will ask you to sign a standard release so I can display your portraits and nudes on my site or in print form. This would be for TF* only. I require a chaperone even for dressed shoots because it makes me, the model, and my wife more at ease.

Depicting The Sacred Vessel

I am a photographer, a physician and a psychologist with a specialty in geriatric mental health. I grew up in Baltimore and took art classes at the Baltimore Museum of Art, and regularly visited the sculpture collection at the Walters Art Gallery and the museums in Washington DC. At the home of a family friend they had a sculpture of a figure on a turntable. I remember how it became a different sculpture every time it was rotated in the light or seen from a different angle. I remember several line drawings by Matisse and Picasso. I was fascinated by their ability to suggest volume and form with very few lines on the paper.

In 2001 I had a near fatal coronary event. In 2004 I had a severe head injury from a bicycle crash. I was paralyzed on my right side for over a month. Something has changed fundamentally in how I see the world and images. Every thing seems to be going too fast. I see the world around me as a series of compositions and the human form as a part of the landscape around us.

The theme of my work is “depicting the sacred vessel”. The people I photograph are not subjects, they are collaborators. Each model brings their own interpretation of the body in space and light. I create photographic sculpture. In my work, my eye is often drawn to the places that the figure is absent, particularly the space captured by the bend in a leg or arm.

We spend our lives defining ourselves by moving from the un-defined (darkness) into light that reveals who we are. Darkness to me is not evil; it is the absence of the visible, it is where we are un-formed, it is our source. We are always in both states of being. That tension is what gives me my creative vision.

Thank you for viewing my work. Stephen Weiss