About Me

My name is Kendrick Kirk, and I am first and foremost a motorsports photographer. I adore speed, the talent it takes to go fast, and the beautiful people the sport attracts.

Primarily, I want to attract advertisers and then models to work those contracts. I prefer to only shoot those who are passionate about the sport, especially motorcycle road racing.

I do TF because my motorcycle racers spend more money with me when they see something other than a bike on my website that attracts them. It's just the way it is, and so I've come to think of TF as a marketing tool for me.

Also, I am developing a couple of looks this winter. As an artist, straight up glam bores me. So I'm trying to find a sexy, commercial look that is half glam/ half fashion. The other look is a portrait with almost an editorial look. These are as flattering as they are expressive. Check those out here:


So don't be afraid to contact me about some TF! I am willing to shoot with anyone and everyone as long as you treat this like a business....because it is!



15 Jun 11 05:49
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