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Hello and welcome to FURY Promotions.
I am pleased you have come to see what is new in the ventures of Latore Niskey Photography and creator of FURY Promotions. That's me with the silver and black mini dreads with my team of shooters who work this globe we live on. I look forward to sharing my world with you, and working on the hottest project you offer.

I have been fortunate to always find myself in the right place at the right time. Having the opportunity to work as a Photographer and Photo & Art Director for music artists, popular models, designer clothing, corporations, over sixty national publications, and have had my photography seen in publications in Europe and in the states.

I currently shoot for national magazines, agencies, beauty pageants, catalogs, exclusive portfolios, corporations, major and Indie record labels. I do not offer TFP or TFCD. I will offer you the opportunity to work with a photographer, who's images will get you exposure and in the face of the right people. I work exclusively with my own make up artist and hairstylist. I require all models to have makeup whether they are female or male. My rates are very competitive and reasonable. Please feel free to e-mail me for my rates.


More About Me
I consider myself a very fortunate individual. I've been a photographer for over 19 years, and I am still passionate about my work. My vision is unique, that of a modern storyteller with a fashion editorial flair. I bring my vision and my passion to all my assignments.

My career has kept me inspired with all that I shoot, and has spanned many aspects of photographic work. I starting out shooting entertainers with my wife and developed my own profound sense of style. Shooting and directing photo sessions for entertainers gave me my own personal vision. That experience helped me not only with learning the fundamentals of photography, but also in developing my own sense of style and technique. This later on pushed my career as a photographer into the fashion and glamour industry forming my style known today as FURY.

My commercial background includes corporate, wedding journalistic, sport, fashion, and portraiture. As a social photographer, I bring all of my experience to every assignment I undertake. My glamour photography benefits from my expertise in all of these genres, as all are part of what makes my subject look great.


What you should expect when working with the FURY team:

1. Professionalism and fun atmosphere at all times ( a joke here and there I love to make people laugh).

2. Make-Up by a pro, who has experience in theatrical, glamour, fashion, natural, and television styles.

3. Use of professional make-up and hair equipment.

4. A team that listens to the client, and is determined to give you what you want.

5. Ability to give you different looks makeup and photography. Direction during shoot and knowledge of what will work with your look.

6. Edge in your portfolio that you desire with a mix of non-traditional and traditional looks.

7. That shot you seek that will get you exposed faster to the market you seek.

8. A disk of images immediately after the shoot LoRez and proof stamped, for you to view at your leisure.

9. Ability to print photos you like in a timely matter and at a reasonable rate. We offer business cards, zed cards, full portfolio (loose and bound), direct-mail distribution to modeling agencies nationally.


What you should not expect when working with the FURY team:

1. Similar shots from previous work. I go for the new in you. If you shot before I won't give you what you already have. Or the same look I gave another model last week (unless it is a traditional head shot or corporate pose).

2. Poses that are so over done that your images blend in with the photo's of others on the agencies desk.

3. Unknowledgeable photographer and crew, about what the industry desires.

4. Nudes - I don't shoot nudes unless pre-arranged. Photography is the capture of ones soul, nude photography is a negotiable style. You will not see nudes in my portfolio at this time in date.

What the FURY team expects from you:

1. That you arrive in a timely matter. If running late please contact us.

2. You should have an escort that will come with you at all times. Whether it is a Male or Female we are working with, we prefer to see this as a habit.

3. Respect for the photographer, MUA, and stylist equipment and selves. They work hard for the tools they use to make you look gorgeous.

4. Understand what you really desire in your look and the way you want to be portrayed in your photo. Bring your "A" game and leave the baggage on the sidewalk. This will ensure you have an awesome shoot.


The best of the best

Dana Lauren 506598
You can somewhat say she is the reason why FURY exist. Dana is awesome to work with and one of the few models that I can actually call friend. She knows what she wants from her shoots. Always come with her "A" game, be prepared to have fun.

Gina Marie 667896
If you'e lucky to get a shoot with Gina, you're in for one of the most professional ladies in the business. I must say she's a true HOMIE. This lady is FIYAH! I have worked with some wonderful models but her game is on point. Flawless shooting with her the camera falls in love with her.

Bella Alexandra 593535
Alex is a model that's easy to take to the next. Her level of experience is bigger than her. The camera falls in love with her instantly. I have been blessed with the opportunity to shoot with her. She is a "SUPSTAH!" in my book.

Karen Santiago 134929
I had travels to West Virginia and had opportunity to work with a "SUPASTAH!" during my visit. Karen is on time, on point, and just on. I could do a 96-page book with her and have a different look on every page. She is so talented; I am entertaining bringing her to LA.

Kneely Morgan 158243
LOL! Good luck, she's one of the most sought after models in the business. After working with her it took me awhile to get her photo's to her. Strange I am confident, but I was hesitant she would not like them. I never felt like that with any model. The shoot with her was all day and some. I made sure I got it in I didn't know if I ever would get the opportunity to work with this pro again. If your blessed and want one of the best shoots in your life. Kneely is the way.

Vera Mo 695902
She is going to call you sir or madam. LOL. Vera is funny, a ball of laughs and just down for the travel. We ended up at some fair with her and she took cool photos with clowns. I am horrified of clowns so it was pretty strange for me. One of the coolest ladies in the industry. I am very fortunate to have worked with her. She is very busy so good luck if you can catch up with her.

Publications & Corporations
The Vegas Word
Las Vegas Review Journal
Playboy Enterprise, Inc
The Philly Word
M Magazine
Lap Dance Magazine
Maxim US
Geffen Records
Sony Entertainment
New York - New York Hotel & Casino
Bellagio Hotel & Casino
Universal Pictures
MGM Grand Hotel & Casino
Buffalo Wild Wings, Inc
Rob Deutsch
Century 21 Las Vegas
TVT Records
Bloodhound Gang
The Roots
and YOU!!!

You need a high quality comp or zed card in this competitive industry. You compete with thousands of models that apply for the same positions as you. The only thing that will separate you from the rest is your presentation. Many casting calls only give you a few minutes to drop of your resume and pictures and the decisions will be made based on what is presented. If your packaging is not as good as it should be, it could mean that someone else will be picked over you.


I have figured a way for you to move ahead of the line and leave that professional promotional material behind. When we shoot I will design and layout out your zed cards and make sure you get the best quality image. You're not just representing you but I'm alone for the ride as well. When your images are seen by that casting agent, I want to make sure we both leave a lasting impression. You cover the low cost printing, I cover the design time layout we get them back in a few days then we start smiling. Creating a win, win situation for Photographer and Model.