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About Me

Thank you, Model Mayhem, for allowing me to see that there are indeed still some beautiful and creative people left in the world. From my perch here in suburban NJ, sometimes it's easy to forget that fact, and Model Mayhem helps me remember.

I'm a bona fide artist (MFA), looking primarily for art models to work with me privately or for the drawing sessions I run at school. Thanks to a decent budget, the art modeling gig at school pays; however, if we were to have a private session, I'd prefer to have a TF* arrangement since the trees in my yard grow acorns and pine cones, not money.

I am not in the photography business. I make no money from my photographs. I don't post or sell these images anywhere else. I am in this strictly for the artistic and creative merit.

I'm especially interested in working with 30+ models, but of course I'm open to models of all ages. I've been lucky to travel to many parts of this planet, so maybe I'll be passing through your neighborhood someday. Between September - June, I stay mostly between Philadelphia and Boston.

גם, אני מדבר עברית,גרתי בארץ, והייתי אוהב לעבוד עם ישראלים

Tambien, hablo español.