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I am constantly striving to bring out my artistic qualities. Photography as it was when I was a kid a passion of mine. Started as a hobby for me when I was a 12 years. Delivering newspapers. Then after deliver well over 200 newspapers to the people. I would come back to the watch and learn the art of photography. Working with a senior photographer helping him out in putting a darkroom together. In return he gave me a camera to go out with him out in the field. With him as my mentor; covering some community events, such as parades, high school sporting events. Now I still cover community events but, they are more on the side of glamour and fashion. Shooting mostly digital now, thus the name Tommy Dphotoshooter derives but, I will go back to film every now and then for the nostalgia to develop film. Now for the most part Im willing to work with models on a limited TFP/CD basis for our mutual portfolio development. I can be contacted one of three way. 1} Friend Me on iStudio 2} Email Tommy on Yahoo: Dphotoshooter@Yahoo.com or 3}Cell Phone 412.417.7574



Models that we have work with :
Gabrielle Brie iStudio # 37524
Jodi L MM# 1002563
Marlo Ann MM# 319542
Olivia LaJudice MM# 2908170
AstraDivaJ MM# 2910
Bronze Beauty MM# 111306
Laurie Comfort MM# 122058
Merci Rae MM# 40087
Geeta B MM#148572

Photographers that we have worked together with :
Henry Tjernlund MM# 545
Karen Renaissance Woman MM #69289
Ray The SB Image Maker MM #207622
Sharon Dominick MM #29100
Tom Myers MM#7377


18 Apr 16 21:32
Thanks for the photo comments TVC
03 Feb 16 08:30
Thanks for the comment and listing!
29 Dec 15 14:40
Thanks for the kind words. I'm not here much, since they have so little to offer in features -V- cost, so I'm on deviantart.com more. I see you could use some help in lighting & editing. Write me or give me a call to discuss this more.
11 Dec 15 18:09
26 Jan 15 18:39
Thanks for you're feedback and very nice comments I appreciated you're honesty and suggestions!
17 Nov 14 14:07
Thank you for the comments and tag. My apologies for nor responding sooner, have been super busy with family issues.
22 Aug 14 20:18
thanks for the tag and yes that was baby powder cut with food coloring
14 Aug 14 14:39
Welcome aboard...Thanks for the friendship!
07 Aug 14 14:11
Nice work!
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