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About Me

Hello there, my name is Leo. Welcome to ALEXANDER STUDIOS.

We are now in Washington . Book your photo shoot now
Email us at:

Please browse and enjoy my photographs.

If you need high quality images for your portfolio, online picture gallery, agency ready shots, magazine submissions, website, artistic collaborative projects or your comp cards, I can easily do any style shoot to accommodate your needs.

$150 for TWO Look with 4 images retouched
$200 for THREE Looks with 6 images Retouched
$250 for FOUR Looks with 9 images Retouched
$300 for FIVE Looks with 12 images Retouched
Make up artist fees are not included.
We also do Retouching, email me for more info and price.
I look forward to hear from you soon.

I've always been passionate about photography. I find working with both inexperienced and experienced models and other photographers highly rewarding. When I can catch that one moment in time, forever in a photograph, it really has an impact on me and the model.

If you have any ideas for a shoot, feel free to contact me at If you would like to try modeling for the first time, or would just like to update your profile ALEXANDER STUDIOS can assist. Just email me to inquire for a price.
You can also find me at,

ALEXANDER STUDIOS photography is available for; weddings,birthday

parties, engagement parties, outdoor shoots, specialty and private photo

shoots. I am available upon request for near any scenario you can imagine, just inquire at alexanderstu

Models: Provide your own wardrobe, hair styling, and makeup. You must possess and present a valid photo ID, or there will be no shoot

Regarding communication: If I send you a message and you do not respond within 3 business days, I will take it that you are no longer interested in setting up a shoot. I will follow the same rule in communicating with you. Photography is my passion and my life, and if you are not also passionate about the photos, it will show in the photographs.

Confirmation calls are a must, If you need to cancel your shoot there will be a $75 refundable deposit to rebook your session. When you show to the shoot you get your check back, if you do not show, well lets say its lunch on you!

Notice: All images are copyright of the Photographer and may not be copied, distributed, sold, or otherwise used without prior written approval of the Photographer. Written releases have been obtained for all images used on this site.


Escorting parties are welcome to the shoot as long as they don't disturb the model or me during the shoot. Please limit escorts to one per model, and under age models must be escorted by a parent or legal guardian. No exceptions.

Alexander Studios has the.

I shoot and edit my own photography/with a 3 to 4 day turn most cases

I offer Professional Photography; what do you have to Trade? (IE)

I am a full-time professional photographer. Just trying to find interesting gigs to keep myself busy. I do photograph headshots, family portraits, children, maternity, sports, boudoir, product, fashion photography, model portfolio and wedding photography. I do all my shooting on locations (outdoor or your place). I normally charge $250.00 sitting fee for a 2-hour creative session and $1.500-2.000 for a Wedding Package. and You also get free Engagement Photos with any Wedding Booking (Limited time for all–day weddings. Wedding Video Slideshow $125
I can use the following services/products and willing to work out a trade: Custom Packages Just Ask? Alexander Studios or ? you can pick from the list

High-end hotel credit
Vacation lodging
working laptops
Ocean Fishing trips
Restaurant Gift Cert.
professional Cameras
Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended program


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Photo Shoot Schedule

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There's a few things you need to consider when paying for retouching rather than just asking how much.

-What is the quality of the photo you are starting with?
-What do you expect as an end result?
-How fast will you get the final image?

If I am asked to retouch a less than quality image I will more than likely turn the job down. Not that I couldn't figure out how to work some kind of magic but I have to consider the time I will put into the image vs. the final quality result. You can only "fix up" to a certain extent and I don't want a low quality image reflecting poorly on me and my abilities.

I try to only do the basic retouching (blemishes, scars, smoothing out skin tone, etc..) from there if I want or a client wants I will add special touches (making a photo look vintage, dramatic contrast, etc.) all in all I try to spend a maximum of 20-45 minutes retouching an image.

Some people out there are retouching wizards and can really make a whole scene out of nothing and if done correctly can create visually stunning image. Done incorrectly and it creates a visual disaster looking cheap and destroying a portfolio.

Most important thing is to have quality images to start with. You can have professional shots or take shots at home with your own camera (I can offer advice on how to do this later if wanted) a point and shoot camera can do the job if done correctly. Just get away from the mirror shots, bathroom shots, bedroom shots, etc..

This all said if I outsource retouching or am asked to do retouching on an image by another photographer or model with proper approvals a fair price to me is in the range of $15-$30 an hour and depends a lot on the amount of images to be retouched and how extensive the retouching.

A basic retouch of blemishes and basic enhance for a single image I would charge $25.00 and offer two completed shots with web-ready duplicates.

Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments. I'm more than happy to offer my advice.