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About Me

(Portfolio gallery consists of stills from VIDEOS, not photographs :D )

I am a video director/editor who works part time for Yakuza Studios, and full time for a video game developer. I have dabbled in photography over the years, but my primary interest is video.

When it comes to projects for Yakuza, sometimes we find ourselves in need of models, so it made sense to set up a profile here.

Yakuza Studios made up of 3 individuals with different artistc directions. Togther we are a small video production company based in Oxford. We started a few years ago doing music videos, but are now moving on to bigger projects, and more conceptual work to be used primaraly for portfolio. We usually work individually each supporting one another in a various projects.

Yakuza staff also hold full time positions working for a large video game developer, doing the same job as we do for Yakuza Studios, but with video game material. As a result we have wide range of diverse projects under our belts spanning several different mediums.

For Yakuza I have worked with several models in the past, most recently Jakki Degg. I have also worked on a several high profile video games.

Last year I was also shotlisted in the music video catagory for channel 4's "4Talent 2008" award. Unfortuantly lost out to a Mark Ronson video :(

For me its a hobby that I have the opportunity to indulge in whenever I want. All the projects myself and the others undertake have a personal interest for us. Yakuza Studios came about thru mutual interest in videography, not business endeavour.