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About Me

HI! This is Rich from Richard's photo arts

I Ran my own wedding studio, It's,closed and I'm retired. Now I shoot what, when and where I want. I shoot photo art for gallery's and tf---- models port.

I leaned photography at Franklin Ins. 0f Boston M.A.
I have over 40 years in photography.
styles ; fetish, nude
horror, bondage
adventure, captive
fantasy, glam/fashion

If you need to add to your portfolio I will work with you on Tf---- in any style you need.

please bring escort,(to keep you in line! " ahhh! no me?")

I think, half the models are not reading their messages and the half that do read them don't respond!

see you soon, Rich.

Hot & sexy ! BRANDY BELL #1320429 *****
Beautiful ! UfOGRIL #1028318
Welcome ! Ashleiigh #1329435
Red HOT ! Miss Venus #1175399 **
Sensuous! laurie Elisabeth #1117782 **
Lovely ! luna Bella #505554 **
Fantastic ! Bebekakes #1380144
Amazing! Lady Gia #1368526
Sexy ! Like pink lemonade #1392677