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Retouching the World, one image at a time!

“Your photography is a record of your living, for anyone who really sees.”
̶̶̶ ̶ Paul Strand (American Photographer, 1890-1976)  

I strive to improve the image without changing the story.

My name is David and I'm a photo retouch artist. I started out studying photography at The Art Institute of Houston in the early 80's. I moved to Tulsa and began a career as a commercial photographer, but after I built my second darkroom I found that I liked the darkroom as much, if not more than being behind the camera. Although I have remained an avid photographer, the computer age came along and my formal training was electronics, so it was a natural progression to get into computer IT and become a geek.

In 2006 I was in a serious car accident and had a long recovery (I made it back to 100% if you don't count the occasional vertigo). Anyway, I decided I would change my focus and I began learning everything I could about Photoshop and Illustrator. Just as I had taught myself photography a long time ago, I started teaching myself the art of photo retouching. I'm obsessed now and I don't see any end in sight.

I have great color perception and a wonderful attention to detail. I see things most don't and my wife hates to shop for clothes without me, she says “because I'm so good with colors." I say thanks 'hot rod' and spend the day with her anyway. I love her to death. ;o) BTW, she's a great web designer. Check her out at http://www.HoosierWebChic.com.

I really want to be a great success with my retouching. I think it's always been in my blood to make things look as good as possible, some would call that a perfectionist trait. Maybe so!

Feel free to contact me or send images you would like a retouch quote on to David at PixelPurfect dot com and I'll get back to you. You must be the model and/or the copyright holder or have permission to request the retouch. Please include you iStudio name or number when you contact me via email. That's how I organize my work.

Princing for paid work:

Touch up / Color Correction / Photo Enhancements
$20 each
5 for $80
15 for $200
25 for $250

High End Super Smooth and Natural Retouch
$40 per image, discounts available.

All other work can be custom quoted.

Payment is accepted through PayPal,
25% deposit is required.

All the best,




Art Institute of Houston - Photography
NAPP - National Association of Photoshop Professionals
Winner - Dave Cross Photo Retouch Challenge #6
Official retouch artist of 2009 Planet Pretty Girl, Sarah Jenkins http://planetprettygirl.net/


20 Apr 11 15:32
if there would be chance would be great working together...
20 Apr 11 09:18
Great work on your end, David. I appreciate the kind words! Have a great day.
25 Jan 10 17:51
David, welcome to iStudio. Outstanding work.... You are correct, a person needs to change with the industry and technology.
28 Oct 09 03:07
Excellent port and photos. Thanks for the add. God bless, Marianne- WRS
22 Sep 09 07:17
Thank you for the tag and welcome! :)
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