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Photography isn't a thing..it is MY passion

G & D Studios is from the Schaumburg, IL area providing clients with a broad range of photographic services. I have specialized in Hollywood style glamour and classic pin-up styled photography, and want to stretch my wings here..black ones.

I want every shoot to be both fun and unique! I will collaborate to create the look and style image needed in your portfolio and welcome your ideas..lets make it special! Location photography is also possible..what ideas do you have.. my brain keeps boiling with weird stuff that I need someone to get on board with. Shooting in Chi-town requires shooting indoors many months of the year..I have the equipment to make it happen!

I will collaborate with beginning models or experienced professionals..what ideas do you have..mine are below. All images will of course be edited in Photoshop to bring out the best of the subject.. YOU.. depending upon what we strive for and agree upon, this can be minimal or extensive. I am looking to expand my portfolio and any style shoot that can improve the model's and my portfolio will be considered. I am looking forward to working together with creative people who want to expand their art, learn from one another and have a good time doing it.

Let me know any limitations you have and we will try and work within them! I will be professional at all times, and want to work with like minded people to do creative work!

For a full showing of my work, please go to the G&D Studios link

I am not here to find a date..heck, my wife of MANY years will make sure I get bashed (at least verbally) if it gets too weird

Always want to work on creative ideas..so pitch me yours and lets make it happen..I have stuff running around my brain all the time



MM Models I have had the distinct pleasure to work with:
Jenavive Robinson Mayhem #560198
Jenn Martin Mayhem #372219
Leese (and as a photographer) Mayhem #348381
Pamela Kammer Mayhem #1336637 (retired)
Mistress-B Mayhem #1128249 (temporarily retired)
Sonia MM...TBD.. for her port shoot
Brittany Murata MM#1205042
LadeK Mayhem #1412774
Valerie Meachum MM #1314159
Kimberly Rose Anderson Mayhem #1089810
Sian Maria #1628967 (2 terrific shoots)
Rachel Jay MM#178099
Samantha Labus MM#1175877
Deanna Deadly MM# 377063
Re-bab-u-la MM# 310557
asha Vonbleu #1336622 - 5/23
Deon Is PreDes10dByGOd iStudios#24042 6/5
Tainted Love MM #1306676
Bang Bang MM #702838
Jessica Mancini MM# #1529249
Brandi St Clair MM #729493 (twice)
Tamela Yates Model Underground #1136 and MM Mayhem #1733160
AmieBethD Mayhem #1043962
Andrea Kay Lewis Mayhem #1473106
angel_leigh Mayhem #1037984
Starlitt Mayhem #569622
Michelle Lynn Baker #1681381
Exotic Russian #811225 (shot twice)
Veronica Vital...MM#1805109
Anna Olejnik Mayhem #1350239
Mychelle Evelyn (MUA & Model) #706177
Veronica Vital...MM#1805109
Anna Olejnik Mayhem #1350239
Mychelle Evelyn (Model & MUA) #706177
Lisa Marie Grace MM#1880979
Bri Mursett MM #1342501
Cat P MM #1836679
RavenWCatz Mayhem #1271252
Lovely Arcane #1918202

..and more to come!

The MUAs
Christin C MM#1075487 (twice)
Jean Harrity MM#254666

****** iStudio Models ******
Tasha Vonbleu IS #:21936 - 5/23
Deon Is PreDes10dByGOd iStudios#24042 6/5


21 Nov 10 13:12
Thanks for the fr and comment!
10 Apr 10 14:47
:) sorry so late . your welcome and Thank you for being my F too :)
06 Apr 10 16:59
Thanks for the compliments & friendship ;)
06 Apr 10 15:48
Thanks! You really went on a comment spree... :)
17 Mar 10 23:20
Thanks for the additional comments! Tasha
17 Mar 10 00:44
Thank you for the photo comments! As well as the friend request and tag! I will check out the url you have sent me in your message. Take care, Tasha
24 Feb 10 04:36
i actually live in los angeles now i should probably update my profile. but if your ever out here.
13 Feb 10 10:58
hecks yes!!! Thanks a bunch for the welcome :D
10 Feb 10 21:29
Love your style and concepts! I really enjoyed browsing your portfolio!
02 Feb 10 07:47
The weather here has its ups and downs but it is pleasantly ok to work in. I think better then there!! Have a Great Day!!!
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