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"Creating light is easy... Creating the shadows is the hard part!"

0Welcome to CloseUp Photo; STOP - LOOK - ENJOY!

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About me: I’m a retired, but to keep myself busy I do photo sessions. I view a photo session as a time of joy, fun, and creativity. If a model has an idea and wants to try it, I will be sure that we try to achieve the vision that the model has in mind.

How long is the photo session? I don't take myself too seriously and I can shoot for hours on end. I love shooting and I enjoy the people I meet in this industry.

My Only Request: Please call me two hours before the day we shoot to let me know the photo session is still on.
(If I do not hear from you, I will figure the photo session is off.)

I am at my best, when the image I create with a model are based on a style we create together in the studio or out in the field. Every time I press the shutter, I hope that the model and I can create an incredible image. I am also fairly advanced in Post Production and have the ability to make a good image into a great photo.

To all new Photographers out there, I would like to share something important. As photographers, we may be good with our Lights and Cameras, but it’s the model and the way she uses her eyes and body language that sells the photograph.

To all Models out there, I would like to share something important. If you are new to modeling welcome, this site is a stepping stone to something better, not the final journey. Remember a killer portfolio is the price of admission for you to make money. YOUR LOOK IS WHAT YOU ARE SELLING.

If you've been modeling for a while you should remember, “Someone was there for you in the beginning”.

The Quality of Work on iStudio is Amazing: I learn more by simply browsing the ports here. It inspires me each time to take my subsequent shoots to the next level, and, I love to shoot. Don't be afraid to shoot a request across or an idea...I'll usually try to make free time for a great idea or model.

Please take the time to look at my photographs: If you like them and would like to work with me please send me a message through iStudio.

$ession Information: Being retired I can offer all models a TFCD photo session.
This means:
A model agrees to give up their time and pose for a photographer who agrees to provide the model with a selection of digital images for their portfolio on a CD.

If you are interested in setting up something please feel free to contact me through


Here are comments from models that I have worked with:

Sonia Trejo - iStudio #3393287
I had a lot of fun working with you, you are a nice person Charles.. Thank you

Courtney Cole - Model Mayhem #3286989
I enjoyed working with you and I look forward to working with you again!!

Shanna Brown - Model Mayhem #3156725
I really enjoyed working with you and I am extremely happy with the results! Would love to work with you again!

Talia Nicole - Model Mayhem #3087873
I wanted to thank you again for today, you really taught me a lot and made me feel comfortable! I was a basket of nerves! I'm very excited to work with you again

Jennifer K Sutton - Model Mayhem #1826962
Truly my pleasure. It is enjoyable to see your photography and editing process continue. Thank you.

Tanisha Raquel Body – Model Mayhem #3046859
Thank for the opportunity and direction! I appreciate it!

Sharon – iStudio #31272
Thanks Charles I had a blast working with you also!

Suggaface – iStudio #1430098
Thank you Charles I had a BLAST yesterday! I am SUPER eager to see the pictures from our shoot. I think we captured some great shots! Have a wonderful day!

Jazzy Weems – Model Mayhem #1430098
Charles, HAD A BLAST SHOOTING WITH YOU ! completely made me feel comfortable, we had a lot of commonalities, and great minds think alike ! LOVING THE EDITS SO FAR ! your work is amazing, and Im glad I can be a part of your portfolio ! Cannot wait to work with you again ! Jazzy

Tenéh B. C. Karimu - Model Mayhem # 2173945
I can not thank you enough for our shoot! You truly made me feel comfortable in front of the camera and I never for a million years would've thought a photo shoot would be that fun. Not only were you perfectly on time, but the photos came out wonderfully. I will definitely be coming to your studio in the future and can recommend you to anyone without hesitation. Have a beautiful day!

Ami Marie – iStudio #28084
It was great working with you. I had alot of fun!! Looking forward to seeing the pics and working with you again. Thanks!

Shannon Beatty – iStudio #1738862
Charles, I had a marvelous time on Tuesday! You were so kind, and I absolutely had a blast! Can't wait until next time!

Zoe Renee Ashley – iStudio #1706627
Great working with you too...You are an Amazing Photographer...I look forward to seeing you next Week.

Suggaface – Model Mayhem #1430098
Had an awesome time working with you yesterday and last Tuesday! Can't wait to see the finished pictures from yesterday because the photos from last week were smoking hot!

Danay101 – Model Mayhem #1065539
I had a wonderful time shooting with you. Love the pics!

Jatae – Model Mayhem #611636
Hey, I just wanted to let you know I had so much fun with our shoot today, I look forward to working with you through out this journey... I guess you are a part of it now to I really do appreciate it and I love the pictures so far... we had a lot of fun I can not thank you enough... thanks.

Idoll31 – Model Mayhem #317658
You are the best, great work.

Jesyka Eryn – iStudio #1473000
I had such a great time working with you today, and I am very impressed with the photos we produced! Thank you, and I can't wait to work with you again soon!

MissLila – Model Mayhem #1137022
Thanks for a great shoot!



Credit goes to all the Models, Hairstylists, Makeup Artists, Wardrobe Stylists / Costumers / Fashion Designers and Art Directors, Fellow Photographers, and most of all iStudio.com.


03 Jul 16 23:57
Great Work :)
05 Jan 15 12:23
Thanks for the friend request! Lovely port!
31 Oct 14 00:30
Thank you. Nice artwork you have, too
21 Sep 14 16:00
Nice port! Keep up the good work!
04 Feb 14 23:18
Brilliant port!
24 Jan 14 15:59
Gorgeous port! Best of luck to you :)
26 Dec 13 08:27
Hope your holidays went well!
25 Nov 13 08:46
thank you :) nice ports of you sir :)
16 Aug 13 15:34
Thanks so much for the lovely comment :) You're work is outstanding!
03 Aug 13 13:26
Hi Thank you very much for the comment and your friendship. Your work is fantastic!!
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