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Carlos Soriano Photographer, just want to share and learn from others. please submite all comments.
I'm also at www.supershoots.net/4647

Before you ask for Friend Request...... tell me if you like my work...Take a look at what I have and decide if a paid session with me is going to push your portfolio past the average photographer's product.

I am always open to a creative collaboration with a model that is as dedicated to the end result as I am. My real passion is shooting photos of people in the very moment of life. The human experience, captured in the twinkling of an eye. Shooting in my own unique style, not constrained to others standards. I attempt to have a certain quality of diversity in styles and content. Not fixed in my styles, or types of image capture... I am always pushing myself in new uncharted directions...My shoots are meant to be a collaborative, artistic creation in conjunction with the model. The model's input is crucial, so come to the table with your own ideas. If its all me, odds are we won't get that "wow" shot. I like for models to participate with ideas and suggestions, I like to experiment. Weird, wacky, that's the stuff!

My interests include paid work; opportunities to collaborate on ideas, locations, looks, and everything involved in the creative process.

I'm a minimalist, shooting with a basic Nikon D3 camera and lighting. I primarily work with ambient (natural) light and reflectors, shooting on-location. Occasionally, I use rental studios in Corona Ca. Will be focused on headshots, but I will shoot fashion and glamor too. And of cours any brilliant Idea you may have.

You sign a model release. These sessions may sometimes
have to be rescheduled. You must be totally comfortable with the way you look (everyone is unique). What you bring (however you look) is what I photograph--your natural characteristics. Whether I play those characteristics up or down through the use of light and shadow or editing is an artistic choice.

Note: I don't pay models or MUAs when we are collaborating on portfolio work. I live in the same economy you do, so please don't ask.

My rates..... only $100.00/Hr. is not bad haaa.. You will take all images in a DVD ( high resolution, re-toch.)

I also edit pictures in Photoshop. I like the digital medium and all the creative freedom you have with digital art. If you are interested in my work, and would like me to edit your photo(s), please don’t hesitate to contact me.
If you are a model, please have your photographer's permission before editing the photo.


Need Headshots?



Inland Empire Photographer So. Ca.


28 May 10 17:28
Just stopping by your page to say hi! Please let me know if you're ever in need of any professional photo retouching for your photos.
21 May 10 02:51
Excellent work as always!!!
16 Feb 10 22:31
Excellent lighting and beautiful poses make your work stand out - Brava!
08 Feb 10 23:20
Beautiful work... ty for the comment..
26 Jan 10 20:45
Carlos, welcome to iStudio... I really like your work and models.... Look forward to seeing more!
20 Jan 10 07:04
Thank you for the Pic Comment. You have beautiful work!!! Love the Avi.
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