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Pop quiz....What is the difference between a model and a photographer ?

Maybe the answer is "A lot less then you might think".

Certainly, models are generally more attractive then the photographer, but apart from that, the differences may be less then you'd otherwise assume!

Both should have the same goal, to present the model in the best possible light.

Both need to act in a professional manner, showing professional courtesy one to the other.

Of course, not all models look like Miranda Kerr or Jennifer Hawkins, and not all photographers have the skills of Ansel Adams or Annie Leibovitz, but there is no excuse for either the model or the photographer not to give their best during their shoot.

So just what should a model and photographer expect from each other?

I believe that the model and photographer should treat each other with the utmost respect.

So what does this "respect" entail?

As your photographer my promise to you is that you will have my 100% commitment to you and the shoot.

I will arrive on-time and prepared, I will treat you as a valued friend and I will photograph you to the absolute best of my ability.

When you meet me you’ll realise that my day-job requires total commitment, professionalism and dedication, all attributes I bring to my time photographing you !!

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