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About Me

I'm an international artist: fine and performing arts photographer, physical theater director/performer and an acting coach.

For my gallery and performing arts photography work, I’m looking to collaborate (tfp/tfcd) with either performers (actors, dancers, performing artists, circus artists, etc.) or models who move very well and who are in command of their bodies. Movement and light are the soul of my work.

For commissioned work (fashion, portraiture, editorial, etc.) please inquire about my rates. Unless you are paying me an obscene amount of money, my work is what it is and how you see it so, do not expect me to shoot like someone else.

I have lived and worked as an artist in several countries. Enjoy collaborating with people around the world wherever my work and heart takes me.

About friends requests ... I will not accept requests from "friend collectors" or people I have not met or worked with or I would never work or at least share ideas with here on MM. If you are interested in my work or/and want to work with me you will have no problem to say hello before you send a friend's request.