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About Me

I do what I love, and love what I do...

We cant take our selves to seriously, no one else does. I love shooting with energy, excitement and humor. Always ready to capture, If you'd like to set up a shoot leave me a message. If interested in TFCD message me. Nothing is out of bounds... well not really.

I LOVE shooting like a Fat Kid LOVES Cake...

"Pictures DON'T lie, but Photoshop does"

Enough with the cheeky sayings... Let take some pictures already !!!


Shailey - #1639231 - She is great fun, takes direction and works the camera. Hope to shoot heragain soon.

SamJean - #1657939 - Can't say enough about Sam... excellent to work with. Some much talent. Great ideas and very talented.

Mist D - #762255 - Great to work with, very professional and I don't think I gave her that "Creapy Photog" vibe... You'd have to ask her. But seriously, Great experience.

Nikie - #1663682 - Awesome... Love working with her !!!

Anna - #1668429 - Professional, Energetic and great to shoot...

Michelle Johns - Not Currently on MM

Lara -#1582301 - Super fun to work with, Willing to do just about anything to get the shot!

Zrinka #1749811 - What a great personality and unique style... I want to shoot her again.