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Chiều cao:5'4"
Cân nặng:100 lbs
Số đo 3 vòng:0-0-0 in
Cỡ giày:8
Màu tóc:Màu đen
Chiều dài tóc:Ngắn
Màu mắt:Màu đen
Sắc tộc :Người châu Á
Màu da:Màu trắng
Kinh nghiệm:Nhiều năm kinh nghiệm
Lương:Chỉ những công việc đã trả lương
Thông tin
Ngày tham gia:31 Aug 2009
Ngày gần nhất:12 Feb 2011

Về tôi

-I do NOT do TFP/CD,except if you pay all of the travel expenses.
-I do NOT do adult work (porn / explicit)
-To work with me, send me a message (don’t do a friend request). Write at least :
1 Your name
contact information
link to your webpage or sample of your work
2 The idea / style / theme of the shoot
and if make up / wardrobe / hair is provided or not. "

Thanks for reading to this point, and now enjoy browsing my profile!

About me:
Hey my name is Ting.
I live in Bruxelles and Paris now.
I've been working with agencies and freelance photographers since 2003. I love what I do and I have great passion for it.
Recently I also did commercials /few music videos/Belgium TV serie

Tín chỉ

[b]Thanks to all the photographer I've met or worked with.
They gave me many different ways to see photography.


25 Jun 12 12:20
NICE WORK & LOOK...PLEASE VIEW http://www.peterbruceweddingphotography.com/ THANKS PETER
14 Jun 10 13:23
24 May 10 07:34
Thank you very much for FR! Real beauty
22 Mar 10 15:59
Beautiful work.
16 Mar 10 14:18
wow, very interesting images! Great movement and passion!
09 Feb 10 22:52
Awesome port! I enjoyed stopping by.
31 Jan 10 23:10
Some good looking work.
06 Jan 10 03:51
Beautiful woman .......
12 Dec 09 08:24
Wow, your port is AmAzInG! :) Fred-E
09 Nov 09 14:45
Beautiful and Sexy. A wonderful port. I'm looking forward to seeing moe of your work in the future.
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