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Chiều cao:5'5"
Màu tóc:Màu đen
Chiều dài tóc:Dài
Màu mắt:Màu nâu
Sắc tộc :Người Cáp-ca
Màu da:Màu trắng
Kinh nghiệm:Có kinh nghiệm
Lương:Tùy vào công việc
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Ngày tham gia:15 Mar 2011
Ngày gần nhất:8 Aug 2013

Về tôi

Hi, Thanks for stopping bye :} I have been modeling for about a five years now. Look Into My Lens gave me my start in the business, and ever since then I have been hooked on modeling. I am part Italian, French and German. I may not be tall enough to be a model, but I have the drive and passion to be one. And as the saying goes "Good things come in small packages". I am also, reliable, professional, and I alway show up to my shoots. You can count on me to be there. I am pretty flexialbe with ideas for a shoot. I like to do Pinup/Glamour/Retro/Gothic/Implied Nude/ Commercial/Fashion and Casual. If you have any cool ideas for a shoot I would be happy to chat more about it with you. So, if you like what you see and want to see more. Or if you think I have the look and style you are looking for, Please do not hesitate to shoot me a email. Either by sending me a message or email. And I am also, a Makeup/Artist, email me for my rates. "} Thanks lolly07801@yahoo.com


Tín chỉ

Photographers I have worked with:

Look Into My Lens Photographer MM#492886
Sammie Lee and Hair/MUA MM#545136
Christopher Cherubin MM#439
JLC Images MM#253615
Artistic Impressions Photographer MM#83862
Makeup for this shoot, Done by me. KATSTAR :}
mmk60 #291560
Rudy Stone #425359
TomKat #24072
Michael Hagan #543236
Bill Tracy #7204

Models I have worked with:

Jessangle2003 #17505
Gaberilla Fernandez #545957


19 Feb 12 04:23
nice look. Love to talk about possible shooting
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