John Radford
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Ngày tham gia:31 Jul 2016
Ngày gần nhất:12 Apr 2019

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I am an enthusiastic amateur photographer, now that I am retired I have some time to indulge my hobby. My preference is to shoot stocking & suspender or pantyhose type shots. I typically, but not always, try to focus on detail or close-up only sometimes showing the face of the model.

I do try to be creative and love bright & contrasting colours - I have a particular love of vintage clothing, 6 or 8 strap suspenders, big petticoats and Hell Bunny type dresses so if you have some or all of those things please get in touch!

Please note that due to my personal circumstances I can only shoot on Wednesdays during the day.


17 Oct 16 15:36
Nice work!
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